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"In a review of classificaions it was determined that incorrect classifications were being used. Pat Bentley owns some of the groves they pic. We were able to revise three prior year audits and recover over $25,000."–Pat Bentley, President - PBR Harvesting, Inc.

Six years ago, I chose WorkComp Solutions to partner with me on my workers' comp. Little did I know, the impact it would have on me today in this vital construction market. My experiece mod has dropped 47 points since our partnership, and I have saved over $47, 415 much needed dollars in today's economy."–Todd Kontny, Q & Q, Inc.

WorkComp Solutions, Inc. uncovered an error on our 2006 premium audit; a construction wrap-up project was included. Through their efforts, our audit was revised and our company received a return premium of $17,176.08. Thanks are not enough."–Richard Pulizzi, President - Coastal Fire Protection, Inc..